Facts you should know
FIRST IN THE WORLD (18 Jun 2015)

American President to visit China: Richard Nixon (February 1972)
American President to visit India: Dwight D. Eisenhower. (December 1959)
Asian Games held: New Delhi (1951) 
Asian to get Finix Award:  Sr. P. C. Sorcar (India)
Asian  to win Nobel   Prize  for Literature: Rabindranath Tagore (India; 1913)
Asian Woman to cross the English Channel: Aarti Saha (India; 1959)
Bowler   to   claim   hat-trick   in successive Tests Wasim Akram
Canadian to receive Nobel Prize (for Literature): Alice Munro (2013)
Chairman of People's Republic of China: Mao Tse-tung (1949)
Chinese pilgrim to visit India :  Fahien (401-410)
Cricketer to have batted in all positions (1 to 11):   Wilfred Rhodes (England)
Cricketer to achieve a hat-trick in both innings of a Test Match: Thomas fames Matthews (Australia) in 1912 "
Englishman to receive Nobel Prize for Literature:   Rudyard Kipling (1907)
Ethnic Indian to become Prime Minister of Fiji: Mahendra Choudhary 
European invader of India:  Alexander (Greek; 326 BC)
European to visit China:  Marco Polo (Italy; 13th C. AD)
Foreigner to receive Bharat Ratna: Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (1987)
French to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature:    Rene F.   A. Sully Prudhommc (1901)    
Governor-General   of  Pakistan: Mohammed Ali Jinnah (1947-48)
High Commissioner of UN Human Rights Commission: Jose Ayala Lasso (Ecuador; 1944)
Indian to receive Nobel Prize for Literature: Rabindranath Tagore (1913)
Japanese Woman in Space:  Chiaki Mukai (1994)
Man cosmonaut in Space:  Yuri Gagarin (Erstwhile USSR; 1961)
Man to climb Mount Everest twice: Nawang Gombu (India)
Man to fly over both North and South Poles: Richard F.. Byrd (U.S.A.)
Man to fly over the English Channel: Louis Bleriot (France; 1909)
Man to make a Solo Flight around the World: Wiley Post (1933)
Man to set Foot on Moon:  Neil Armstrong followed by Edwin Aldrin(U.S.A.; 1969)
Man to walk in Space:  Alexei Leonov (Russia)
Men on Mt. Everest without Oxygen: Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler (1978)
Men to climb Mount Everest:  Tenzing Norgav (India) and Edmund  Hillary (New Zealand) (1953)
Men to cross the Sahara Desert: Dixon Denham and Hugh Clapperton (England)
Mongol Emperor of China:  Kublai Khan (13th C. AD)
Muslim Invader of India:  Mohammad- bin-Qasim (8th C. AD)
Person to sail round the World: Ferdinand Magellan  (Portuguese; 1519-1522)
Pope to visit India:  Pope Paul VI (1964)
President of Chinese Republic :  Yuan Shikai (1912-1916) 
President of India:  Dr. Rajendra Prasad (1950-1962)
President of Pakistan:  Iskander Mirza (1956-1960)
President of USA:  George Washington (1789-1797)
Prime Minister of Great Britain: Robert Walpole (1721-1742)
Prime Minister of India:  Jawaharlal Nehru (1947-1964)
Prime Minister of Pakistan:  Iiaquat Ali Khan (1947-1951)
Secretary-General of the U.N.:  Trygve Lie (Norway: 1946-1953)
Speaker in Hindi at the U.N.:  Atal Bihari Vajpayee (India; 1977)
Swimmer to swim several Straits in one Calendar Year:  Mihir Sen (India; 1966).
Test Tube Baby:  Louise Joy Brown (England; 1978)
Vice-President of India:  Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (1952-1962)
Vice-President of U.S.A.:  John Adams (1789-1797)
Woman   Cosmonaut   in   Space: Valentina Tcreshkova (Russia 1963)
Woman Judge of International Court of Justice:  Rosalyn Higgins (Britain; 1995)
Woman Judge of Supreme Court: Sandra Day O' Connnr (U.S.A.)
Woman Pilot to circle the Globe:  Jerric Mock (1964)
Woman Pilot to make a Solo Flight: Elisc Deroihe (1909)
Woman President of a Country:  Isabel Martinez de Peron (Argentina; 1974-76) 
Woman President of U.N. General Assembly:  Vijayalakshmi Pandit (India; 1953)
Woman Prime Minister of a Country: Sirimavo Bandaranaike (Sri Lanka; 1960)
Woman Space Tourist :  Anoushch Ansari (Iran) 
Woman to climb Mount Everest twice: Sanrosh Yadav (May 10, 1992 and May 10, 1993)
Woman to climb Mount Everest: Junko Tabei (Japan; 1975)
Woman  to cross  the Strait  of Gibraltar: Arti Pradhan (India)
Woman to reach North Pole:  Ann Bancroft (1986)
Woman to travel South Pole alone: liv Arnesen (Norway; 1995)
Youngest to receive Man Booker Prize: Canadian-born   New   Zealander Ms. Eleanor Catton (2013) 
Youngest to sail around the World non-stop and alone: Kojiro Shiraishi (Japan; 1994)